Are you tired of your outdated or dingy bathtub, tile, countertop or grout?

Resurface America can update those surfaces or restore them to their original beauty.  We can also save you about 70% of the cost of replacing those surfaces.  

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Resurfacing or refinishing as it is often called is a process of cleaning, prepping and chemically or mechanically bonding our acrylic polymer to your existing surfaces. Everything is done in place with no demolition or re-installation. Most jobs are completed in one day. Our technologically advanced bonding agent chemically adheres the new finish to the old ceramic tile or porcelain bathtub. We don't use harmful acids or dangerous isocyanates. We use the highest quality finishes available and offer a 5-year warranty. Our products are the safest available for you and for us.  Click here to know more about us


Refinishing bathtubs can change the color or reglaze your dull worn out surface. Tubs can become etched with years of normal use or abuse from harsh cleaning products. Once etched these tubs become difficult to keep clean. Refinishing seals the surface to make it shiny and easy to clean.

Refinishing tile has the added benefit of sealing the grout joints making them very resistant to mildew and easy to keep clean.

Floor grout can become dirty and discolored over time and be impossible to clean or it may be just the wrong color. Our permanent grout coating can change the color or restore your grout to its original state. The biggest advantage is that, unlike sealers that have to be reapplied or seal in the discoloration, our coating is a permanent solution. The color is consistent , will not change and is stain proof.


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In response to customer's need for treatments for grout stains and mildew problems we've recently expanded our services to include permanent grout coatings.  Once again we researched and came up with the best products to offer for this service as well. To Schedule an Appointment, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or call (904) 264-6955

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